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Healthy Lives Community Groups

The number of Americans aged 65 and older has increased by ten times in the last century (ABC News, August 10, 2013). As we age, we may become more isolated and depressed, which affects our physical health. How well we cope is largely determined by having social supports or the care of family and friends. Healthy Lives engages adults 50+ in ongoing peer groups so they can continue living independently in their homes and neighborhoods.

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Learn More and Join

Contact: Debby Davis
Phone: 215-487-3000 ext. 13

Why Join?

Older adults connect to their peer community groups, which are held year-round in convenient locations throughout Philadelphia. Groups are facilitated by Peer Leaders and volunteer Group Facilitators who are trained and mentored by SOWN staff. Group members discuss common concerns, problem-solve, provide emotional support, and exchange information and resources. The social connections gained are proven to reduce or stabilize depression, increase coping skills, and promote independence.

Where it Happens

Northeast Philadelphia:

NE Older Adult Center, 8101 Bustleton Ave (19152)

KleinLife, 10100 Jamison Ave (19116)


Northwest Philadelphia:

Maple Village, 22 West Rittenhouse St (19144)

Venango House, 2104 W. Venango St (19140) 

Interfaith House, 18 W. Cheltenham Ave (19144)

West/Southwest Philadelphia:

Salvation Army Ivy Residence*, 4051 Ford Rd (19131) 

Salvation Army Booth Manor Residence, 5522 Arch St (19139) 

Mahlon Lewis Residence at Haddington Elderly*, 5600 Race St (19139) 

SW Senior Center, 6916 Elmwood Ave (19142)

University Square Apartments, 3901 Market St (19104) 

Angela Court Apartments, 4400 Fairmount Ave (19104)

Mount Vernon Manor I, 3311 Wallace St (19104)

Mount Vernon Manor II,  624 N. 34th St (19104)

Firehouse Active Adult Center, 137 S. 58th St (19139)

South/Southeast Philadelphia:

Scottish Rite House, 1525 Fitzwater St (19146) 


*Currently not meeting

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