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Introducing SOWN Mobile App

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Click to download SOWN on iOS or Android

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Why did we build this app?

SOWN wants to foster social connections so older adults can live independent, fulfilling lives in their communities and be vital supports to the grandchildren and adults in their care. Our mobile app, SOWN Connect, brings together our participants, staff, and community partners.

Who is the app for?

This is an app for our GrandFamily Resource Center (GFRC) participants, community partners, and any individual or organization who would like to connect with us. SOWN Connect allows GFRC participants to support and encourage each other, give feedback to staff, access community resources, build digital literacy and skills, and keep up to date on SOWN groups and special events. Our community partners can share info about special events and resources, or contact SOWN staff with questions.  

How do I create an account?

If you are interested in connecting with SOWN, go to the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device and type “SOWN Connect” in the search bar. Once you’ve found the app, click on it, and start downloading. From there, open the app and create your very own account to get started! 

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How is the app used?
Participate – Let us know if you are interested in joining SOWN group and meeting other older adults! 
Connect - Connect with the other members of your SOWN group! Reach out to SOWN staff for questions and to give feedback! 
Share - Share info and resources for older adults and their families! 

Who built the app?

We have worked closely with MilkCrate to build an app for our participants and staff to use. MilkCrate is a tech company that empowers nonprofits to grow their mission and achieve goals all from an app. To learn more about MilkCrate, visit and get a referral from us for a discount if your organization is interested in building their own app!

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