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Group Facilitator

Facilitate peer support groups for older women throughout Philadelphia. Ongoing groups meet in senior housing buildings, community centers, and other neighborhood locations. This is an opportunity to engage older women in meaningful discussions on a weekly basis, and to share in the power of support. The minimum time commitment is two hours per session, twice monthly. Group facilitators will receive training, a manual, and ongoing leadership mentoring.
Contact: Patty Davis
Phone: 215-487-3000 ext. 25

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SOWN Board Member

SOWN seeks Board Members who:

  • Want to make a difference

  • Desire to network with other professionals

  • Are looking to engage in strategic planning and policy discussions

  • Desire an opportunity to plan SOWN’s success

  • Will attend five meetings per year

  • Have financial, accounting, and/or legal expertise

  • Have marketing and social media skills

  • Have experience in healthcare-related fields

Contact: Marypat Tracy
Phone: 215-487-3000 x12

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